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PE at Home

Over the past couple of weeks the Lancashire School Games Organisers team, Active Lancashire and the Lancashire PE team have been developing a PE, school sport and physical activity resource/timetable.


The resource is centred around 4 key themes:


Move - resources that help children to achieve 60 active minutes.


Learn - Skill and sports skill development. Activities adapted from the Lancashire PE Scheme of Work for a weekly PE activity for children to undertake.


Challenge - A weekly personal best challenge linked to the weekly PE learn activity along with a current /trending challenge or other type challenge.


Play - providing ideas and resources for children to be active through play.


It was felt that all the online information for parents can be a little overwhelming, which is why this central website has been created. The 'Move' and 'Play' sections take parents to a number of great resources that have been streamlined and are age appropriate. 


This website will constantly be updated as new ideas are developed. A new resource with updated links, games, PE tasks and challenges will be circulated each week. The links for the resources are below;


Years 1 & 2


Years 3-6