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Maple Class Topic: India

 Summer Term 2019

This term we will be immersing ourselves in the country of India – ancient and modern.  The children will be finding out about the ancient civilisation of The Indus Valley.  In Geography the children will be using maps and atlases to locate countries where The Indus Valley existed; physical geography (looking at mountains, rivers and climate zones) and human geography (settlements, land use and trade links).  In Art we will be working with clay and cooking in D&T.  Science will be a focus on plants – we will have a focus on the beautiful lotus flower.

What you can do at home:

Places to visit:

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  • Taste testing Indian food
  • Cooking Indian dishes
  • Plant some bulbs and seeds and record how they grow and the conditions they need.
  • Research an aspect of the Indus Valley, e.g. clothing, religion, food or games.
  • Read some non-fiction books linked to plants, rivers and India.


  • Go for a walk by the river Twad.
  •  Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery (Indian and Pakistani culture in the North West)
  • Visit a garden centre/park to look at types of plants and flowers – consider where they are planted and whether they are healthy.