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If you would like to purchase embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts, PE shirts, coats and bags etc, then you have two options: 'My Clothing Ltd' for on-line orders delivered to your home or 'Premier Sports' on Aughton Street in Ormskirk (opposite Morrisons)


Please remember there is no requirment to wear embroidered school uniform, the important thing is to wear the correct colours and most items can be bought cheaply in supermarkets. Clothing is valuable though, so all items should be clearly marked with your child's name - this helps us to make sure everyone goes home in their own clothes!


Children should wear warm clothing traveling to school in the winter months - long trousers or red tights, however it would really help if they had indoor footwear to change into.

Click below to order Ormskirk West End uniform delivered to your home address.



For every item you purchase, 'My Clothing Ltd' will donate 5% to our school.



It is vital that all your child's uniform is labelled as one school jumper looks very much like the next & it's very difficult to reunite lost, unnamed items with their owner.


Click below to order name labels & raise money for your school.

Don't forget to quote our fundraising number;


Uniform List




Grey trousers or shorts

Grey pinafore or skirt

(or trousers if preferred!)

Red polo shirt

Red polo shirt

Bottle green sweatshirt

Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan

Grey socks

White socks or red tights

Black school Shoes

Red or green check summer dress

  Black school Shoes 

For PE


White T-Shirt


Black shorts


Black pumps