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School Milk & Snack


School Milk

Our milk provider is Cool Milk and they charge 20p per day for a drink of milk to children in all year groups.  If your child would like to take milk, you will need to register with Cool Milk directly, you can do this by clicking the link below, and they will ensure the milkman delivers for your child. 
Cool Milk accept payment via card, cheque or cash via the internet, freephone and at local paypoints.



If your family is in receipt of Free School Meals, it is important that you let us know when you
have registered with Cool Milk as the school will pay for your family's milk. 


Playtime Snacks

Each day children in Beech & Elm classes are offered a piece of fresh fruit at break time. On Mondays & Fridays all children can choose to buy either a piece of toast or, when available, a crumpet for 20p. We are keen to encourage healthy snacks at West End and therefore ask that any snacks that the children bring from home should not contain chocolate or be high in sugar, this includes cereal bars. A piece of fruit is an ideal playtime snack.