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Ormskirk West End Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

Culture Capital

At Ormskirk West End we want to give our pupils the best experiences and opportunities to make sure they have high aspirations for themselves. We want our children to be the best version of themselves that they can be. We believe aspiration begins from being tiny Acorns until they leave us as mighty Oaks and from there, wherever their pathway leads them!

Archeological Dig! Maple learnt the discipline of archeological skills by excavating an area of our school grounds, carefully dusting and cleaning it and working like a historian to ascertain what the artefact was, what time period and who we thought last used it!

Gawthorpe Hall! Our KS2 children enhanced their learning of Shakespeare by visiting Gawthorpe Hall where they learnt a range of skills and about the life of Shakespeare himself!

Young Voices 2024! What an amazing day - our choir showed real resilience as part of the largest choir in the world!

We work with the Anthony Walker Foundation to explain about respect and tolerance.

The Air Ambulance came to see us!

Continuing on with our relationship with Daresbury Laboratory, Oak learnt all about the James Webb telescope and even tried solving of the problems that the scientists and engineers had getting it into space!

Maple took part in a science workshop (Factory of the Future) in which they were learning about science, technology and engineering. The children had to interact digitally in the workshop by choosing a range of different materials to build, insulate and create an energy based system to design a carbon zero factory of the future. Children worked with an iPad in small groups to choose a range of materials to create a fully functioning engineering plant with the aim of becoming the engineers of the future.

We enjoy Equine Therapy at Parbold Equestrian.

Oak had the fantastic opportunity to work with Eton Boys College for a session about rationing in WW2. #aspiration

Throughout the year, Maple have worked alongside St Stephen's Primary School, Preston as part of the School Linking Project. This project is vital for promoting diversity and respect. As part of the project, Maple have: met with St Stephen's at Burnley Youth Theatre, had several Zoom calls to play games with their new friends and we also visited their school in May. 


As part of our visit to their school, we were taken to visit the Hindu Temple and learn all about Hindu gods. It was spectacular and we were very lucky to be part of such a fantastic project. We hope to continue this next year...


To see photographs please visit St Stephen's Primary School website.



Oak took part in a new research project with Liverpool University. BUilding on their Stone Age learning in Maple, their hand prints were taken for researchers to look at the differences between male and female hand prints. They then took part in a seminar with university professors about human evolution. Very inspiring! #aspiration

At Ormskirk West End, our vision is to give our children the best opportunities in order to have high aspirations. Today, we were thrilled to welcome Dr Matthew, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at The University of Liverpool, into Maple to continue the fantastic work we have started on Ancient Greece. Our class was also chosen to filmed for the University, owing to our enthusiastic children. #aspiration

Our Sports Trip this year was to Chill Factore. What a great time we all had! #resilience

Daresbury Laboratory Visit- Oak were able to take part in a fantastic STEM visit to Daresbury Laboratory for our children to explore different pathways into science careers. It was a very inspiring day for all involved! #aspiration

Elm went to visit Pangea as part of our Art Topic to find out all about how the sculptures are made from recycled materials from Kenya. #Respect.

Cards for Queen Elizabeth on display at Green Park, London. #respect