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Maple Summer Newsletter 2022

Maple Spring 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to Maple!

Class Teacher - Mrs S Currie



We had a fabulous day celebrating Merry Monarch Day on Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Maple investigated Elizabeth 1, had a visit from a local historian and made Tudor ruffs!

We completed our Desktop Publishing today and created and edited our own magazine or comic front cover!

To end our topic on the Stone Age to Iron Age, we visited Calderstones to look at the 5,000 year old stones.

As part of our Smashing Stereotypes in Science, we looked at the life and influence of Marie Curie. We then investigated x-rays and worked as a group to construct the skeleton .

Wow - we had some truly amazing poems as part of our Classic Poetry topic in English.

Still image for this video

As part of our "Smashing Stereotypes in Science," we learnt about Stephen Hawking. After this, we created our own Black Hole by using a balloon, a pin and tin foil.

We had a fantastic time when Dr John Hill, an Archaeologist, cam in to show us some of his artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We got handle these items, some of which were 2 million years old!

In Science, we are learning about Sound. We visited different areas of our school to measure the Decibels and see which was the loudest and quietest places.

We've been learning about Play Scripts and we started by reading and acting out a Play Script to writing our own.

Our Computing topic for this half term is Animation - we made a flip book and created our own short animation at the end. Look at how we did this!

In P.E we are learning about Invasion Games and practising our skills. Here we are doing our cool down by seeing if a hoop can be passed around a closed circle - some creative ideas!

Maple newsletter - Autumn 2021