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Ormskirk West End Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

Celebration & Awards

Celebration Assembly


Every Friday, in our Celebration Assembly, we celebrate our "Superstars", who have been chosen by the school staff for a variety of reasons, such as demonstrating our school values or for trying really hard at something. The pupils are each awarded a certificate, a group photo is taken which is displayed in the hall and parents are invited to see their child receive their awards. 

SUPERSTARS of the week.



Demi, Zach, Mateo & Margot

Rewarding Good Attendance & Punctuality


Attending school all day, every day, is incredibly important to our pupils learning so, every Friday, classes take part in a West End game of Monopoly in our Celebration Assembly to see which class has the best weekly attendance and punctuality.

Winning classes will roll the dice and receive a well deserved reward.

The classes with the best Attendance and Punctuality this week are:


Attendance Award

WC 03.06.24

The class with the most children
in lessons every day was:



Punctuality Award

WC 03.06.24
The class with the most children
arriving to school on time was: 

 0 Late Arrival's