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Ormskirk West End Primary School

From Tiny Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

Celebration & Awards

Celebration Assembly


Every Friday, in our Celebration Assembly, we celebrate our "Superstars", who have been chosen by the school staff for a variety of reasons, such as being kind and helpful or for trying really hard at something. The pupils are each awarded a certificate, a group photo is taken which is displayed in the hall and parents are invited to see their child receive their awards. On the following Monday, those pupils also get to eat their lunch at the top table with Mr Clarke.


Due to COVID restrictions our Superstar awards are currently celebrated in class bubbles.


Congratulations to this week's Superstars!






Rewarding Good Attendance & Punctuality


Attending school all day, every day is really important to our pupil's learning and so every Friday,
classes take part in an owl and horse race in Celebration Assembly to see which class has the
best weekly attendance and punctuality.

When each class finishes the race they will receive a well deserved reward.
The classes with the best Attendance and Punctuality this week are:


Attendance Award

16th July 2021

The class with the most children
in lessons every day was:



Punctuality Award

16th July 2021
The class with the most children
arriving to school on time was:
Elm & Oak
 1 Late Arrival